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Dr Kiew's Profile


Dr. Kiew Lik Jun

DVM U.P.M. (2003)


  • Startup Pet First Veterinary Center in 2006
  • Completed CVE Australia program Surgery discipline in 2012
  • Started to focus in orthopedic surgery discipline in 2015
  • Currently performing basic and advance orthopedic surgery (Traumatology, TPLO, corrective osteotomy, complicated joint surgery)
  • I had been sharing my knowledge through giving case reports, presentation in local and international conferences, and teaching young veterinarians.

The Veterinary Center

  • Pet First Veterinary Center was founded by Dr Kiew Lik Jun in 2006.
  • In 2016, Pet First Veterinary Center was relocated to its own building and slowly becoming a referral Center in Kepong region for internal medicine, advance soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery.
  • Pet First Veterinary Centre currently have 6 senior veterinarians, 5 certified veterinary nurses.
  • Currently the center has an average of 60-80 surgery a month with average 25-30 orthopedic surgery a month.
  • In orthopedic surgery, the center has become the panel referral orthopedic center for local teaching institutes, private Veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinics in central and northern region of peninsular Malaysia.

We Are

Passionate & Friendship

Our story began with a passionate love for animals. Our mission is to provide expert care crafted to their challenges. Every encounter be it simple vaccination all the way to end-of-life care, we’re dedicated to put every pet our first priority. It's not just treatment but friendship and love.

Our Duty

Accuracy & Solution

Every detail of the challenge faced by our furry friends are important. Methodical diagnostic and recommendation of right treatment will follow. We send in our best veterinarian expertise to journey with you.

We Want

Satisfaction & Joy

Healthy pet happy owner. We love, we diagnose, we treat, and we journey with you to experience the joy of wholesome heath for your pet.

Foot Print

Pet First Veterinary Centre

  • Your first choice for professional pet's health.
  • Trusted & reliable specialist hospital.
  • Your pet our first priority.
  • Place of love and passionate for animal.
  • Latest advances in veterinary technology.
  • Educate and guide to pet wholesome health.

Our Vision:

To be the most trusted specialist hospital for all pet owners.

Our Mission:

  • To provide passionate, loving care, professional, and ethical veterinary services for every visit.
  • We educate our clients with accurate and trusted information. We help them to make right decision and journey with them until the end of service.
  • Your pet is our priority. Team work, clean, and comfortable environment will be ensured at all time. Your pet will receive the best treatment on every visit.
  • Every assistant receives training and certified in their role to provide the most professional care and service to our client.